Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Insiders Guide to Education for Parents

So then there's the day job...

I don't normally blog about topics directly related to my day job. It's not for any real reason other than a habit acquired from previous jobs in industries not keen on communication outside of official channels.

I'm breaking my habit, however, to spread the word about an effort I've been involved with recently - a new blog from a thought leader in the education space.

A colleague of mine, Dr. Elanna Yalow just launched a blog called An Insiders Guide To Education For Parents. Elanna is an industry leader in education and is the mother of two children, so she brings a wealth of personal and professional expertise to her blog.

The blog is a resource for any parents wrestling with parenting issues - anything from early childhood education to online education and more. She will also be bringing in various industry experts to guest blog about the latest trends in research, wellness, work life and other areas of interest to parents.

The blog was just launched yesterday, but I couldn't wait to share the launch. I expect a regular stream of interesting articles from Elanna. I've enjoyed working on the team that formulated the blog, and hope you find the results valuable.

If you're a parent, add it to your feed reader, pass it along to other parents, and participate in the conversation.


You never know - you might even see an article or two penned by me on Elanna's blog - stay tuned.


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