Sunday, December 02, 2007

Building a builder for tiny lamps

In How much of an OS distro is necessary for a Pile of Lamps, I described my basic environment for exploring ideas related to Pile of Lamps.

I've tweaked the workbench a bit, so I'm now at version 0.6. The primary difference is the addition of a dedicated build server. My laptop, while sufficiently beefy, is somewhat prone to thermal problems. The burden of lengthy compile cycles was too much, so I cobbled up a dedicated server for compiles. As an added benefit, I can continue compiling while the laptop is suspended.

The build server is running the T2 distro. The more I use T2, the more I like it. Thus far, I've only encountered one problem. The installation of perl in 7.0-rc2 appears to be missing quite a bit of /usr/lib/perl5. A forced rebuild of perl rectified the problem.

Ok, so here's the current plan of attack.

I'm initially building the default distro defined by the generic T2 recipes. This is primarily to familiarize myself with T2 and to make sure the entire tool chain works.

I was hoping to have the generic build done this weekend, but the build server took priority. The generic build is compiling as I write this blog article.

Once I have a working generic T2 target, I'll shift my attention to the creation of a new target definition. While my end goal is to create a clean recipe for the desired distro, I might need to toy around with whittling down an existing recipe until I get a handle on the T2 build environment.

Until next time...

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