Thursday, December 20, 2007

Is just enough still too much?

In How much OS is just enough?, Jay Lyman is reporting on the recent increase in interest for distros tuned for virtualized environments.

In addition to Ubuntu JeOS, he also mentions rPath and the recently announced plans for the Red Hat Appliance Platform as items to watch.

The Ubuntu JeOS 8.04 (Hardy) release ISO image is 130MB. This file contains a manifest, in case you're interested in what goes into JeOS. It seems to contain a few package not really necessary for a virtualized environment. (is wireless necessary?)

A brief scan through the rPath prebuilt appliances shows roughly comparable sizes. The ISO image is hardly a definitive measure of the final footprint, but it puts you in the ballpark.

While was at it, I decided to take a look at the sizes associated with EC2 instances. The small instance comes with 160GB of storage.


I'd much prefer a smaller base - perhaps I'm being a bit fussy.

With a little luck, we might even see another entrant into the arena...

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Anonymous said...

try the guided tours at, they deploy directly to EC2.

rPath has over a 2 year jump on everyone else...they're really the leaders in this market.