Sunday, December 16, 2007

ok, so maybe we're at aloofix v2.0

Here's another in the Aloofix series.

hah! Big surprise! Another workbench change!

So here's the story,

I've been noodling with several different distro development tools. I like several of them, but each has at least one attribute or another that drives me nuts.

This brings us to...

Version 0.8 of my workbench.

I ditched the distro builders altogether, opting for a 'hand-rolled' distribution.

To be sure, this is most likely how the other distribution building tools were created. *sigh*

As of this evening, I now have a bootable CD, a set of installation scripts run from the CD, and a HD that boots a basic distro. It's raw, but it works.

The HD distribution currently contains the following packages:

  • linux-2.6.23
  • glibc-2.7
  • busybox-1.8.2
I'll spare you the nigglies in the TODO list.

The CD image is 20MB. Approximately 16MB of this is a gzipped cpio payload for the HD installation. The vast majority of the payload is glibc.

Will there be a version 0.9 of the workbench? I sure hope not. With any luck, future revisions will simply be improvements in the level of automation for creating the images. Having said this...

For what it's worth, I did get a complete LAMP stack build using the previous workbench, but I wasn't in the mood to man-handle uclibc to get some of the more interesting scripting languages up and running.

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