Tuesday, December 04, 2007


It's been an odd day. I woke up feeling nauseous but pressed on. Cracking open the car windows on the way to work seemed to help. Fresh Oregon air seems curative.

Getting to work, a co-worker and I walked over to Starbucks for a fresh cup of coffee, one of the universal remedies. It didn't help. After sending out a few email messages I went home for the day.

Upon arriving home, my wife fixed me a bagel and a 7-up. I finished those and went to bed. I fell sound asleep, waking up in the late afternoon.

Still disoriented from the mid-day sleep, I decided to read some blogs and formulate my daily post. My brain was still in a fog. My queasy stomach soured my frame of mind.

Nothing in my feed reader grabbed my attention. I was contemplating skipping the daily blog post.

Besides, it's not like there are legions of readers waiting for my next earth shattering declaration. Why am I even worrying about writing on a regular basis.

My funky day was starting to get the better of me.

Then I noticed an article.

In The hardships of being a nobody 2.0, Seth Eagelfield reminds us that A-list status is relative. It's not the numbers that matter, it's the fact that we select what we read and others select to read our work. It's all good.

If you like writing, Seth's blog provides a nice dose of micro-prose on a regular basis. It's good for what ails you.

And yes, I too couldn't resist tacking on the 2.0 doodad. Seth apologizes for his use of the suffix. Not me. I'm contemplating an all 2.0 blog posting. News at 11.

and now I'm going back to bed, hoping to wake up tomorrow ready to get back on track

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