Friday, January 04, 2008

Aloof Predictions for 2008

OK, many bloggers have posted predictions for 2008.

I decided it might interesting to chime in on the meme. I'm a tad tardy in publishing them, but I'm hoping you'll forgive my desire to gather my thoughts on the subject.

Without further ado, here are my Aloof Predictions for 2008:

  1. 2009 will arrive

    You can debate it all you want - I'm sticking to my guns on this one.

  2. Predictions for 2008 will subside shortly after I publish this article.

    For sufficiently loose definitions of the word 'shortly'...

  3. MOA will become a recognized term.

    I get bonus points if this ends up being true for EOA as well.

  4. Google will go on another buying spree, for hard drive manufacturers.

    I don't think this one requires an explanation.

  5. Massively parallel 6502 processors!

    It's the wave of the future!

  6. Aloofix will make me rich and famous.

    This could be the obligatory goat in the sheep herd.

  7. SOA will become a design pattern

    insert your witty remark here

  8. I'll be out from under my Arizona house.


  9. Predictions one through eight will be wrong.

    Read: I predict I'll have at least one correct prediction.

  10. The ninth prediction will be wrong.

    Read: I predict I'll have at least two correct predictions.

Assuming the first prediction holds, check in next year to see how many of my predictions come true.

Happy 2008!

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