Sunday, January 27, 2008

Build it and they will come

I know you've been waiting... Well, here you go - it's time for my weekly update on Aloofix.

In the previous update I mentioned that I had posted it to SourceForge. From initial posting through yesterday afternoon, the tarball was downloaded nine times. There's even been a couple postings to the mailing list.

Then I registered Aloofix on Freshmeat. Within the next 24 hours, I had 13 more downloads. While some might consider these modest numbers, I find the traffic utterly amazing.

I haven't decided whether to registered Aloofix on other sites. Registering it on DistroWatch seems like a good idea, but they seem uninterested in minimalist distros. Leave a comment if you any good recommendations for other sites.

I also noticed that Black Duck has added it to their list of open source packages.

As for version 0.5, I don't have a specific date in mind. Most of the work done since version 0.4 has been cleanup. I did, however, bump to linux 2.6.24 in the svn trunk. I'll probably post a new tarball if busybox releases a stable 1.9.x anytime soon. Otherwise, I'll post a new one over the next couple of weeks.