Monday, January 21, 2008

The new BUGbases are here! The new BUGbases are here!

I've been tracking Bug Labs this for awhile.

Well, Bug Labs posted the following announcement on their news feed today

Bug Labs Store is open

More precisely, they are taking pre-orders. Order fulfillment is supposed to start before March 17th.

They're making of point of reminding folks that the Bug environment requires Java skills, so I'm going to reiterate this admonition.

With early-adopter pricing at $549 for the bundle, this is phenomenal.

The bundle includes:
  • BUGbase 'Hiro P' Edition
  • BUGview - 2.46" 320x240 touch sensitive LCD screen
  • BUGmotion - motion detector and accelerometer
  • BUGlocate - GPS receiver (SiRF)
  • BUGcam2MP - 2 megapixel camera with built-in flash and 2x optical zoom
802.11b/g is still in the pipeline.

Given a choice between an iPhone and one of these?


/me trundles off to discuss it with the better half...

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