Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Help! HR is Stalking Me!

(Michael) Coté asks Is Google Stalking OK?

Outside of the HR/hiring context? Sure - you bet. That's half the fun of meeting people. :-)

As for potential issues regarding the practice within HR? That's an interesting question. There are limitations to what a potential employer can ask a previous employer, but I'm not sure if this limitation is applicable. There are legions of googleable offenses that don't fall under the purview of discrimination.

I wonder if this is a non-issue if done as part of a preliminary screening process with no interview taking place. Regardless, some organizations will likely want or need to consider updating their policy, if for no other reason than to feed the demons of risk avoidance.

Regardless, I'm sure we'll hear of associated lawsuits in the future. This seems inescapable.

"Yes, we're checking references - all the references to you we can find on Google."

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