Friday, October 19, 2007

Pay no attention to the lamps behind the curtain

Bob Warfield has a pair of articles that touch on ideas I've been pondering recently.

Virtualization vs Multitenancy at Workstream: SaaS Quandry?

Lack of Good Platforms is Stunting SaaS and Business Web 2.0

The two articles provide interesting analysis of key issues in SaaS and PaaS.

The connection between these topics and a recent conversations about Lamps (also here) with Mark Masterson seems particularly interesting.

For example, it is possible to implement the logical equivalent of a multitenant environment using a pile of lamps. It would require a level of design not normally found in cluster and virtualization environments, but it's possible. At the very least, it could provide useful fodder for other people interested in the topic.

Whether it makes sense is another topic, but what the hey - it's all part of a conversation...


Bob Warfield said...

I applied Fielding's framework to the Pile of Lamps idea over on my blog:

Generally, I like the Fielding framework. Lots more needed than Lamp clustering to do the sort of business software I'm talking about, but that does not detract from the idea, IMHO.



Aloof Schipperke said...

Wow - nice writeup on the Fielding framework. I'm flattered you took the time to incorporate your thoughts on the Pile O' Lamps concept.

I agree that it does not apply to a wide variety of existing problem spaces. Having said this, it's probably underspecified at this time.

I blame Mark Masterson for letting it get this far. :-)

Thanks for the reminder about Fielding's evalution criteria - it's a very useful analysis tool.