Monday, October 08, 2007

My PLE ate your Web2.0

Tom Haskins posted in interesting article regarding Personal Learning Environments, growing changing learning creating: The next killer app?

The PLE is indeed already here. It is all around us.

I doubt most people view it as an explicit learning platform, but perhaps that is its most powerful feature.

My recent thoughts on PLEs have centered around what can be done to improve their effectiveness as a learning platform.

What improvements can educators bring if they leave the testing and tracking behind?

Is learning object metadata a useful addition to "web2.0"?

Is it better to avoid viewing the PLE as a learning platform? Is its value contingent on its current zen-like state?


Tom Haskins said...

Thanks for the mention. Like your PLE eating tools, my anti patterns think my patterns are chew toys. Too much formality undermines serendipity.

Aloof Schipperke said...

hehe - antipatterns make the world go round.

Kate Foy said...

Thanks for your mention too! Love your dog by the way.
I'm all for serendipity and Zen, but some gentle hand-holding about PLEs in the right quarters can make for tipping points, aha moments, and confidence-building out there in the Web 2.0 galaxy.

Aloof Schipperke said...

I tend to agree, but am generally concerned about the tendency for concepts and architectural styles to be co-opted into products at the expense of the original concept. Perhaps something similar to MOA is in order. :-)

Otherwise we risk a phenomena similar to what has happened with SOA.