Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Laundry List in my Brain

In What an Enterprise Architect needs to know, Adrian Grigoriu lists a plethora of topics an EA team is expected to navigate.

I am conflicted in my opinion of the list.

On one hand, it seems woefully incomplete. It omits several things I use on the regular basis. I'm tempted to enumerate them, but fear making the list even more daunting.

On the other hand, the list seems to focus on the morass of technologies encountered in a modern IT organization. While I'm tempted to rant on this topic, I'm more interested in focusing on what an EA needs to understand. To this point, many technologies can digested based on a several key points.

  • Some things never change
  • Some things are really just a variation on another thing
  • Some things are simpler than they appear
  • All things came from another thing
On the third hand1, the technologies aren't the hard part. Stephen Downes has an interesting list of Things You Really Need to Learn.
How to predict consequences
How to read
How to distinguish truth from fiction
How to empathize
How to be creative
How to communicate clearly
How to learn
How to stay healthy
How to value yourself
How to live meaningfully
These seem the more difficult topics to master.

1. Maybe that's the true secret to our success.

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