Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Blue Monster does not appear to be going home

I just finished reading Nick Malik's Focusing on Customer 2.0. I think I've been lax in reading the material coming out of the Microsoft EA folks.

Nick's article is just shy of being a manifesto for the next generation of IT. He conjures up the compelling need to change in the modern landscape of users unwilling to tolerate the clumsy environments tolerated in the past. The IT community is once again facing an assault at the walls that protect the high priesthood.

The article references a blog posting from Gabriel Morgan enumerating Gabriel's view of Customer 2.0. Gabriel's post provides some interesting insight into how Microsoft EA is trying to frame the next generation of Microsoft, Microsoft IT (and by extension portions of corporate IT).

As I read Gabriel's article, I was struck by a gradual shift from the environmental trends, to the characteristics of Customer 2.0, and finally to the characteristics of a Software+Services business model. The final list appears to be written for Marketing types. This is not an indictment, merely an observation. I hope Gabriel's future posts on this topic speak more to directly to EAs as we collectively work out how to create architectures capable of handling this next wave of change.

Regardless of your religious affiliation, the Blue Monster does not appear to be going home.

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