Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another Day in the life of an Enterprise Architect

Mike Walker points us to A Day in the life of an Enterprise Architect.

His underlying MSDN document provides a decent summary. I must say, however, I was expecting something else upon reading the article title.

I prefer some of the quotes in the graphic on the article on his personal blog.

  • Can we support this?
  • What will that VP think of these decisions?
  • We standardized on .Net, I'm proposing something else...
  • Is this service oriented?
  • How does this fit into my portfolio? 10 years down the road?
These seem to be a more accurate reflection of the title.

Here are some that have passed my ears over the years:
  • Here's the 500-page spec - let me know if there are any show-stoppers by COB tomorrow.
  • How long will it take to get us to CMM level 5?
  • Can we avoid cabling if we install wifi everywhere?
  • Why does the printer keep jamming?
  • Can we do it without using swing space?
  • But I can buy disks at Fry's for a lot less than that!
  • Why is an architect worried about why we removed the coffee machine in engineering?
  • Do architects code?

(because printers do that..)

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