Tuesday, November 20, 2007


In Enterprise 2.0 May be Fine for the Business, But what about the IT Department, Andrew McAfee writes on the "continued lack of enthusiasm" for E2.0 tools.

Meanwhile, Luke Kanies writes about USENIX 1.0, in which he laments the notable lack of Technorati tags referencing LISA 2007.

Are these related?

In my own experience, I've found many, if not most, members of enterprise IT organizations blissfully ignorant of *2.0 technologies. This might be slightly overstated, but the general level of understanding of the value of these technologies easily lags by several years. When queried regarding *2.0, a common response is a shrug of the shoulders. Many read blogs, but few understand the dynamics of the read-write web beyond the basics of forum posting. At best, many view it as a fad.1 At worst, many are tired and beleaguered, dreading yet another salvo of technologies designed to make their life miserable.

For my part, I've recently changed my approach to *2.0 in the workplace. Instead of evangelizing and cajoling, I've simply started to mention the tools in a matter of fact way. Of course I blog. Of course I use del.icio.us. Of course I navigate a cloud of social networks across the Internet. I use them all the time. You ready for a coffee break?

1. More victims of MOA poisoning.

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