Monday, November 19, 2007

Change - ouch! Change - ouch!

Tom Haskins hit pay dirt again with Fallout from a system. Tom's article focuses on two primary views of change.

The first view presents change as something we do. We drive change. We focus on elements that "need" change. Tom reminds us that this view is fraught with danger. People resist change. Resistance creates conflict. Conflict creates heat loss.

The second view presents change as something that happens. It should be a by-product of our machinations. Let others identify appropriate changes to accommodate the end goal.

As Enterprise Architects, perhaps our primary goal should be to focus on articulating structures that prompt change, rather than playing into the hype of creating change. We dilute our need to foster a spirit of reflective practices.

In my own case, I readily admit to falling prey to the trap of change as a direct focus of effort. It's easy to see the results of the habit. My goal is to avoid even using the word for the next week. Wish me luck.

/me goes hunting for a "rubber band of behavior modification"

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