Saturday, November 17, 2007

Reflective Practice - An Enterprise Architecture Practice

I've recently been exploring some of the content from MIT OpenCourseWare.

I'm spending extra time watching the video files for Reflective Practice: An Approach for Expanding Your Learning Frontiers (11.965). My initial assumption was that it was learning material for improving our reflective learning skills, but it provides useful information for facilitating reflective learning.

Other Enterprise Architects might find the information helpful, particularly those interested in breaking down the walls of the ivory tower. The class provides some helpful insights and methodologies to help us interact with our constituencies. In short, people learn better when reflecting on the results of their own mistakes, not from the mistakes of others. This is deep anti-ivory-tower mojo.

I originally intended to include some examples to illustrate how the material translates to EA. Out of town visitors, however, are taking priority. Instead, I challenge EA practitioners to watch the first two sessions with an eye to analogs in their daily work. You might just find yourself making the time to watch the other sessions.

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