Wednesday, September 05, 2007

25+1 Questions a Chief Executive Should Ask About Software

In a recent CIO Article, 25 Questions a Chief Executive Should Ask About Software, Capers Jones provides a host of statistics and general opinions on key aspects of software as it applies to companies.

First came a quick scan of the article. At first blush, the statistics were quite impressive (I know - I know - there's that S* word). The mapping of software function points to timely delivery, budget performance, and project cancellations caught my attention.

I decided to make a second pass. This time through, I was surprised that many of the numbers didn't match my own experiences, particularly those related to perceptions of quality and service.

No matter - statistics, opinions, etcetc... It's all good. At the very least, it does provide an interesting overview of some of more interesting high-level numbers regarding the relationship between a company and its software. I bookmarked it before finishing the article.

Then I read the last couple paragraphs. One of the leaps of logic goes something like this: if you can't get these types of numbers out of your organization, maybe you should consider outsourcing. Well ok, maybe it's an option. Having said this, what confidence do you have that you can execute an outsourcing maneuver?

Perhaps we should add another question for the CEO to ask.
What am I doing that is impeding the ability for my organization to provide these numbers?

Just a thought...

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