Saturday, September 08, 2007

Does IT Hate Itself?

James McGovern poses another round of IT introspection questions in Enterprise Architecture and Holistic Diversity.

His questions provoked a question in my thoughts.

Does IT hate itself?
(and no, I don't mean James - I mean IT :-)

Is hate characterizing it too harshly? Possibly, but it's hard to escape the observation that IT as a whole persists in a variety of self-destructive behaviors.

  • Creating processes that predispose the organization to technical and political silos
  • Systematically devaluing personal contribution and self worth
  • Chasing initiatives as if on some whirlwind tour of self-help programs
  • Listening raptly to vendor sermons and emptying wallets into the collection plate
If this were a person we would probably be concerned.

So why the self-destructive behaviors?
  • Is it the result of abuse during formative years?
  • Is it guilt for past indiscretions?
  • Is it a symptom of some form of Borderline Personality Disorder in IT culture?
Is this the key to formulating a strategy for an increased focus on people rather than processes?

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