Sunday, September 30, 2007

Developing E-Learning Content Developers

A posting from Clark Quinn points to an interesting work from Clive Shepard, The 30-minute masters. Clive is developing "a curriculum to train subject-matter experts in the design of rapid e-learning materials for use in the workplace".

The session design is directly applicable to environments where a training organization needs or wants to enlist subject matter experts in the creation of online training material. The scripts are still under development, but seem sufficiently complete for others to adopt to their needs.

It's also intriguing to ponder its use as a tool for Architects as Educators.

The 30-minute model makes it easy to insinuate into a variety of situations. For example, it seems a good fit for an in-house Lunch & Learn session. One could also shanghai a meeting with an "unplanned learning session".

For what it's worth, Clive's work seems an ideal candidate for SlideShare. Perhaps he can inject a call to action for contributions. It would be interesting to see different interpretations of the work.

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