Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"CXO" - Error: string too short

In Does the World Need Another Chief?, Tom Davenport writes about a Chief Analytics Officer position. He asks if there aren't alternatives for driving analytics short of creating another C-level title.

A 2005 article from Computerworld, CIOs say ciao to CAO and CPSO, attempts to provide a rationalization for this type of position.

Not surprisingly, Wikipedia has an entry for the title. A Google search for "Chief Analytics Officer" yields 217 hits. I'll let these two data points speak for themselves.

I won't debate the relative merits of the title. I'm interested in a much larger question.

As we flatten organizations, should we be considering an initiative to expand CXO string buffers?

The three character limit is obviously inadequate. We have a few instances of four characters, but these seem more like short-term fixes. We can hold out a little longer if we allow numbers and punctuation characters, but this too seems like a sort-term fix. Resorting to Unicode doesn't solve anything - we're still faced with the need to expand the buffer.

I'm open to ideas...

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